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And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part XIV

You can feel it. The shiver up your spine. The chill on your arms. The hair sticking up on the back of your neck.

But before you can escape, you hear the whisper, and it contains all that is evil and foul in this world.


Yep. I'm back. Deal with it.

Chapter 44Collapse )

Chapter 45Collapse )

Chapter 46Collapse )

So there you have it. It's been a few months, but the fail is the same. I'll see you guys again soon, and mind the fail!

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part XIII

Here we are, lucky 13. Let's kick this pig.

Chapter 39Collapse )

Chapter 40Collapse )

Chapter 41Collapse )

Chapter 42Collapse )

Chapter 43Collapse )

So, there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this dose of Maradonia fail. Hopefully my updates will be faster, but there's only so much of this shitty book I can take. Trufax.

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part XII

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to Livejournal... I'm back. And so is the fail.

I apologize for the long absence, as I've been busy with school and fighting them over my financial aid. But like I said, I'm going to get through this even if it kills me. And it's now summer; I have no plans, no parties, and no job.

Let's do it.

Chapter 34Collapse )

Chapter 35Collapse )

Chapter 36Collapse )

Chapter 37Collapse )

Chapter 38Collapse )

Ugh, as much as I wanted to get to King Astro, I can't do any more today. Have a headache and am now getting a stomachache. I blame this book. I blame it for everything. It makes my life easier. Updates will start to come at a more regular pace, now that I'm on break. Enjoy it, you lucky bastards.

Till next time, fail you later!

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part XI

I apologize for the break; various issues beyond my control happened. But I am still here, Still tackling the fail that is... Maradonia. Hit it!

Chapter 31Collapse )

Chapter 32Collapse )

Chapter 33Collapse )

I can't even anymore. *headwalls* I now have a massive headache. SEE YOU NEXT SPORK once I get into the school vibe and all that jazz.


For my reference and amusement (borne from boredom and procrastinating from studying), this is basically a list of all my video games, by console, alphabetically.

Yes, I am aware I have no life. This is not news to anyone.

This list will be updated sporadically as I find more games laying around. :Db

LAST UPDATE: 12/12/10

Follow the bouncing cut...Collapse )

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part X

I'm back. U mad? I'm mad.

Whoo hoo! Part ten! My brain is officially too tough for the impending zombie apocalypse. :Db

Chapter 27Collapse )

Chapter 28Collapse )

Chapter 29Collapse )

Chapter 30Collapse )

So, there you have it. I go away for a few weeks, but the fail is still here. Waiting. Geh...

I know, I was like 'EIGHT PAGE SPORK' but man. There's only so much I can handle when I'm running on 90 minutes of sleep. It's time to go crash. Stay tuned for more.

Good night, and good fail.


I know it's been over two weeks since my last spork. Let's make a rundown of the reasons why, shall we?

- Finals
- Holidays
- Assignments (I still have a paper to write and two art projects to complete)
- Family/real life issues that I really don't want to go into here
- Job hunting
- Commission work

I could add more, but that's the basic gist of it. I got slammed. To put it plainly, I am not dead or insane; I am merely busy as fuck. Next spork of Maradonia will be as soon as I can get to it. And it will be massive to make up for my absence.

How does an eight chapter sporking grab you? :3

Just stay tuned; I will finish this spork, hell or high slaughter.

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part IX

Part nine already? Hot damn. Next few chapters are a bit on the long side, so bear with me.

Chapter 25Collapse )

Chapter 26Collapse )

Just count this as one of your weekend updates, mmmkay? I fully blame my allergy medication for my inability to tackle further chapters tonight. Stay fail-free, ya'll.

And I Must Spork: Maradonia, Part VIII

We're back. Told ya I wasn't giving this up. Let's kick this pig.

Chapter 21Collapse )

Chapter 22Collapse )

Chapter 23Collapse )

Chapter 24Collapse )

Aaaand we're done for now. Seriously, this fucking book... Sometimes it makes me laugh, other times it's so blindingly stupid I can't even begin to handle it. Hope it was good for you, everybody. Till tomorrow, stay safe, and mind the fail.